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What is Information and Communication Technolgies (ICT)?

ICT is the convergence of information technology and electronic communication consists of the products and practices used to create, store, process, transmit, and exchange information. ICT is a rising trend that focuses on the adoption, implementation, use, and effect of technologies that are implemented to communicate to people and receive information. By improving ICT, the industry is improving their competitiveness in the market and meeting the demands of the economy and society.  


ICT Program ICT Definition

The World Bank defines Information Communication Technology (ICT) as, “hardware, software, networks, and media for the collection, storage, processing, transmission and presentation of information (voice, data, text, images), as well as related services.” At UW-Stout the definition also includes the historic context from which current ICT’s have evolved, from hieroglyphics to the Gutenberg Press to the information age that we presently live in.  


Program Goals

After completing my ICT masters program, I will have increased my knowledge of marketing, e-commerce, and management. By increasing my knowledge, I will be able to spread my knowledge with individuals, businesses, and whomever I work with in the future. I hope to also make myself more successful and well-rounded.  


Program Information

UW-Stout's M.S. degree in Information and Communication Technologies program is designed to further the education of working professionals. Because of this, the program can be completed completely online. In today's fast-paced technical world, leaders are needed to guide in the areas of information technology, media technology, e-commerce, and visual communications technology.

With a student centered learning approach, self-motivated individuals are able to focus on personal goals and develop a program specific to their needs. Have a look at the program and discover the benefits of earning your masters degree online from UW-Stout, Wisconsin's Polytechnic University. 


The Masters in Information and Communication Technology program is centered around two main principles.

  1. Provide students with a common core of knowledge related to the field of information communications technology.
  2. Provide students with the freedom to construct an emphasis area in a specialized field of information communications technology.

This program is based on a student centered learning approach and as such each student will develop a statement that identifies their personal program goal. This is an opportunity for the student to look ahead and develop a program that best meets their needs.


This 30-credit program is intended for individuals interested in a selected area of information and communication technologies. This program is offered as an online distance learning program. 


Program Reflection

With the completion of my master’s program, I have improved my knowledge of marketing, e-commerce, and management. I have learned about web analysis, project management, e-businesses, marketing strategies, and collaborative computing.


Being a part of the Information and Communication Technology Master’s Program has been a great experience because of the opportunity of getting hands on experience and the ability to gain knowledge of the emerging technologies. The information and communication technology courses have helped me understand important it is for a business and people develop the appropriate technology for their intended purpose. Plus, helped me understand how data is received throughout the world to all the individuals and how to implement new technologies and communications as streamline as possible.


I have met my program goal by learning about new technologies that enhance e-commerce. Through my courses, I have increased my knowledge of e-commerce. I will now be confident that I will be able to spread my knowledge to individuals, businesses, and acquaintances that I will meet in the future.








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