BUMKG 550 - E-Business Strategy & Practice



Being able to understand how to incorporate e-business into marketing campaigns.


Knowledge of and the ability to create a comprehensive internet marketing plan. 



Course Description


The Internet and other information technologies have created many interesting and innovative ways to provide customer value. Websites for marketing communication and customer support; one-to-one communication to many different receiving devices; consumer behavior insights based on offline and online data combination; inventory optimization through CRM-SCM integration; a single-minded focus on ROI and associated performance metrics are all important strategies. Social media provides perfect platforms for connecting with today’s consumer: High readership blogs, social networks (such as Facebook and LinkedIn), and online communities (such as Twitter and Second Life), gives consumers the opportunity to be heard in large numbers, and smart marketers have learned how to tap into these “citizen journalists” for improving products and marketing communication.


Will learn about these strategies and related strategies and tactics. This web-delivered course uses a mix of readings, discussions, activities, individual and group projects, exams and a final group project/paper to guide students in the exciting world of technology-enabled business strategy and practice.



Course Objectives


Upon completeion of this course:

  • Comprehend the rapid growth and development of internet marketing
  • Understanding terminology and technology relative to electronic business
  • Identify major current and future issues and trends facing electronic business
  • Demonstrate proficiency in evaluating various business models for internet marketing
  • Explain evolving strategies for internet marketing
  • Evaluate strategies of web page design relative to its usability by intended users
  • Have the ability to write an internet marketing plan
  • Develop an overview of internet marketing and the various networking between suppliers, sellers, and buyers
  • Develop a comprehensive internet marketing plan




Artifact - BUMKG 550
Microsoft Online Strategies
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