MEDIA 710 - Learning Technologies



Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprises.


Analyze current issues and trends in ICT.


Related how the information society affects glocal social transformation.


Course Description


Overview and selection criteria of instructor-led, computer-based, and distance learning systems for delivering content to trainees in the workplace. Includes the development of training materials in a variety of formats.


Course Objectives


At the conclusion of this course, the learner will be able to:

  • Use an instructional systems design model to design training courses and modules, which are to be delivered using contemporary instructional technology. 
  • Develop training courses, modules and materials using computer-based technology.
  • Select appropriate training methods to meet training course and program needs.
  • Select appropriate hardware, software and delivery systems to meet training course and program needs.
  • Deliver a training module using a contemporary instruction technology.
  • Evaluate the delivery of a training course, module or program.
  • Provide leadership in the proper utilization of delivery systems for training.
  • Apply research and forecasting techniques to project technological developments and potential impacts.



MEDIA 710 Artifact
Training With WebEx
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