INMGT 700 - Organizational Research Methods



Discuss the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy.


Course Description


Quantitative and qualitative approaches to organizational and industrial research. Application of appropriate research tools to understand interpersonal relationships, analyze and design jobs, organizations and systems. This course should be taken the next to last semester in a student's coursework. Development of a research proposal that may be used to complete master's level field project/thesis.



Course Objectives


After completing this course, students will be able to:


  1. Understand the differences between quantitative and critical approaches to organizational research and how to use each.
  2. Critique published organizational research articles for differences in methodology, theory, and use.
  3. Practice writing and framing a problem statement and know how to choose the appropriate research methodology.
  4. Develop a valid data collection instrument.
  5. Understand various data collection methods for surveys, interpretive, and critical research.
  6. Develop valid decisions or conclusions based on research data.
  7. Interpret common descriptive statistics (correlation, t test, and Chi Square).
  8. Cost research activities.
  9. Evaluate problem-oriented research.


The students, after taking this course, should be able to do the following:


  1. Evaluate problem-oriented research
  2. Plan a research project
  3. Develop a research proposal






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Comprehension of Graphic Usage in the Media
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