Program Competencies

  • Discuss the historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy.
  • Analyze current issues and trends in ICT.
  • Related how the information society affects glocal social transformation.
  • Plan, evaluate, and revise ICT systems.
  • Evaluate and use ICTs appropriate to one's own career.
  • Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprises.
  • Interpret and conduct research to improve the body of knowledge relating to ICT.


Emphasis Competencies

  • Understand how to incorporate e-business into marketing campaigns.
  • Knowledge of and the ability to create a comprehensive internet marketing plan.
  • Ability to implement and understand project management through multiple techniques.  
  • Knowledge and ability to communicate effectively, concisely either verbally or in writing.
  • Gain knowledge on the value of electronic information and communications. 
  • Knowledge of and the ability to use software that helps individuals work together on the same documents/projects over local and remote networks. 
  • Ability to embrace communication systems through collaborative computing/software.







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