I am currently completing my last semester at the University of Wisconsin-Stout in the Information and Communication Technologies Master's program. Throughout working on my degree, I have been working at a financial institution and a car dealership. Once I finish my masters program, I hope to find a job that challenges me while keeping my interest of enjoying each day at work. Plus, I would like to keep continuing traveling.


In December 2009, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information and Communication Technology, and a minor in Information and Communication Technology. My internship experience was located at a car dealership as a business intern, where I was able to work in a variety of departments.


When not working or doing tasks related to my education, I enjoy shopping, taking pictures, watching movies, boating, volleyball, softball, reading, being with friends and family, travelling, and playing games.


This website obtains information about the University of Wisconsin-Stout Masters Information and Communication Technologies program. The pages within the site are related to courses taken, competencies, artifacts, related links, and my resume.